If school were a game that required the perfect score (100%) to win, we would all be losers.

As humans we are imperfect (thank God). Making the most of school isn’t about achieving perfection but it’s about doing your very best each time, and working to reach a new PB (personal best) each time.

You can call it: personal development, werkin’, training hard, self development, ‘you do you’ mentality, inward reflection, besting your best self…Whatever you like!

Here is how I werk on my shit…(and grades)

1. Find a Way to Connect With the Topic or Assignment

You’ll produce more engaged, interesting content which teachers LOVE and by engaging your creative thinking, you will end up learning more and remembering better which will help for future exams.

2. Let Your Little Light Shine

Have you got a unique idea that wasn’t brought up in class discussion? If it’s relevant then go for it! A unique voice and fresh idea is always given credit. It shows that you really understand the topic if you can come up with your own ideas.

3. Ask Questions

If you are unsure about a certain idea or whether a certain word is appropriate, just ask your teacher or your class mates. There is no such thing as a dumb question! If they can’t answer that question, they’ll tell you, but if they can then they will. So there’s no harm in just asking :).

4. When writing and editing, check your work against the task criteria.

Do you achieve everything set in the criteria? It can sometimes be a confusing jumble of words, that criteria sheet. If it is, re-write it to help you better understand, use simpler words and synthesise the main points you need to achieve. Then go through each point and refer to where you achieve that in your work.

5. Proof read till you can’t no more!

Always, always check for spelling and grammar errors and edit sentence structure. These are the keys to making your work easy to read and understand. If you have time, get someone else to read it to make sure it makes sense and flows.

6. Learn What Your Weakest Areas Are

ASK where you could’ve improved on that last assessment task. If your teacher’s comments weren’t helpful then get up there and ask them. Ask specific questions about areas that you know are difficult for you to nail. EG, How was the structure, did it flow? How was my word choice, sophisticated enough? Did I answer the question? Etc..It’s their job to answer your questions so just make sure you persist (respectfully) until they have the time.

7. Work on Your Weakest Areas

When you get that less-than-satisfactory assessment task back, re-read it, analyse it and really try to understand the teacher’s comments and ask them questions. I suggest you write a list of your weakest areas so you can reflect on them before beginning your next task. When you are acutely aware of where you can improve, you will definitely see an improvement next time.