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I'm here to help you find strength in the struggle of student life. Sharing inspiration, motivation & sometimes just having a whine. I want to hear your concerns and ideas and foster interaction between you all to further support fellow students! Sometimes you've gotta slack off to switch on.

About me

Hi to everyone.
My name is Leila!

I created Slack On Off to share support, ideas, and concerns with other students. With a background in tutoring and a student myself, I am always working to improve my studying and teaching skills.

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Have Your Say

I want to get to know you and your ideas to further inspire posts about student life. Contact me today to feature on the blog or simply share your questions, ideas, thoughts, etc!

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5 Steps to Writing an Essay

So you have to write ANOTHER essay…Why are they always such a struggle? How can I make this easier for myself? Better figure it out if I’m gonna be writing an essay a month (which I am at this rate!)….

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7 Ways to Grade Heaven

If school were a game that required the perfect score (100%) to win, we would all be losers. As humans we are imperfect (thank God). Making the most of school isn’t about achieving perfection but it’s about doing your very…

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